UA Healthbox

Connected fitness System, 2016

Hired as an interaction designer for extra support on a high-profile, time-crunched project, I quickly became UX lead across the HTC / Under Armour Healthbox suite of devices: UA Band, UA Scale and UA Heart Rate.


Healthbox was announced at CES in 2016, and took home 7 awards from the event including Wearable's Best In Show.

The challenge was to design three separate products that are better together - offer cross-product insights, give just the right amount of information in the right format in the right place at the right time, are simple to set up and use, and motivate better health and fitness.

Specific design challenges for the band:

  • Optimal navigation for a tiny display on band (16 nav model iterations, 3 rounds of user testing & 2 rounds in alpha)
  • Optimal number of touchpads (7 early, low-fi prototypes on phone display to balance the increased flexibility and functionality of the UI with the increased likelihood of mis-taps and user confusion. Experimented with 4, 5, and 6 touchpad UIs)
  • Optimal functionality for a wearable device, vs phone app (Explored both complimentary and mirrored functionality models)
  • Deliver a great experience while designing for maximum battery life to achieve the stretch goal of 5 days of use between charging
  • Conveying Under Armour brand and tone in a constrained UI (e.g., 6 celebratory "goal achieved" iterations to-date, and counting...)

We are continuing to evolve the functionality and user experience based on learnings from use over time and early adopter feedback.